Jo Caird

Freelance writer and editor

I’m a freelance journalist, based in east London. I write about all sorts of things but my passion is the arts and heritage. I’m a regular contributor to publications including the Financial Times, English Heritage Members’ Magazine, Positive News and Atlas Obscura.

I’ve been doing this for a long time so my work has appeared in a very wide range of publications including the Guardian, The Economist, Smithsonian Magazine and BBC Countryfile Magazine. You can read my recent stories on Contently, or have a look through my archive for work going back to the beginning of my career. Because a lot of my work appears in print only and not online, you won’t necessarily find links to everything – happy to send pdfs if there’s a particular story you’d like to read.

Read my recent stories on Contently:

Baby Adventuring, my practical blog inspired by my travels with my children, covers everything from applying for passports to navigating public transport with a pushchair to surviving a night in a hotel room with a baby. That project is on pause for now, but there’s still a massive amount of really helpful content on there, so check it out and share with the gallivanting parents and carers in your life.

I’m also a copywriter, working with charities and commercial brands on sparkling content that attracts attention, generates leads and drives engagement.

When I’m not writing, I’m editing. Current freelance editorial clients include Great British Theatre, Amnesty Magazine, BBC Wildlife, the Independent and World Finance Magazine. Previous editorial positions have included co-editor at Fest Magazine, contributing editor at Morris Visitor Publications and acting deputy editor at For a full list check out my profile on LinkedIn.

I’m currently on the hunt for a permanent editorial role – if you need a highly motivated staff writer or commissioning, features or sub-editor, get in touch! In the meantime, I’m still very much available for editorial commissions, copywriting, and editing shifts and projects.


“Thanks for this great feature, Jo, a really informative read. Nice as always to work with you” – Sarah McPherson, BBC Wildlife Magazine

“Congrats on the piece – we think it’s a really informative and comprehensive read” – Matt Hurst, Tree Council

“Delighted to see Citizen Zoo’s large marsh grasshopper reintroduction project featured in BBC Wildlife magazine and mentioned on the front cover. Some lovely quotes and insight from myself and the other Citizen Keepers who
reared the hoppers from eggs to adults! Thanks Jo!” – Amy Stocking, Citizen
Zoo volunteer

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your article including Tap’s story. It’s a really lovely write up and probably my favourite we’ve been included in to date. Thank you for capturing what we do so well” – Tess Taylor, Tap Social Movement

“Thank you for the Pumphouse feature. You achieved significant coverage for us, which has gone down well, and is much appreciated. If you’re ever heading up to N.Essex, let us know and we’ll buy you a beer” – Richard Evers, Pumphouse Community Brewery

“A job well done and a difficult client made happy. It’s a real joy working with you, Jo” – Richard Willcox, World Finance